Galaxy Genome Annotation Cloud installation & usage


For the use of Ansible playbooks, Ubuntu 18.04 or higher is required.

Python 3 (versions 3.5 and higher) is required. Roles were developped under Ansible-core (>= 2.11) & Ansible (>= 4.0.0).

Git is also required to clone the GGA cloud github repository.

The roles are currently being developed for cloud infrastructures based on Openstack technology. So you need an account on a Openstack cloud.

For smoother use of GGA, a 20GB size virtual machine with 16GB RAM is recommended.


Clone repository from github

git clone

Ansible roles requirements installation

ansible-galaxy install -r requirements.yml

or to install both separately :

ansible-galaxy install role -r requirements.yml
ansible-galaxy install collection -r requirements.yml

Need to add collections_paths = ./collections in ansible.cfg to use collections.